If you have ever looked around for a USB microphone before then you have probable found ones that are quite large, and feature no compatibility with other devices than a laptop or a desktop.

Blue’s new Raspberry USB microphone changes all of that.

Designed to provide you with great audio recording quality and compatibility with a range of devices, whilst fitting all of that into one small and portable package.

And given that Blue has had a lot of experience with creating microphones like the Snowball, Yeti, and Yeti Pro than you can trust that this will work just as well.

It will be available to purchase from November 1st for £169.99,  so you have some time before you can pick one up. Why not use that time to read out review on it.


Probably the most important part of any microphone, USB or otherwise, it the recording capabilities that it has, and the Raspberry does very well on that front, being capable of offering 24-bit studio-quality sound from its built-in dynamic condenser capsule, which has been developed from the range of microphones that Blue has previously released.

Blue also says that this capsule will prevent distortion and delivers the same clarity as a large-diaphragm studio microphone

This has been wrapped into a very sleek design that features a maroon red leather and silver metal finish, allowing the microphone to stand out well on your desk.

The finish is very reminiscent  of a vintage studio microphone, although this particular microphone is very modern.

On the front of the mic you will find the Blue logo alongside the holes for the mic to record from. This can be controlled using the knobs on the side, which can control both the volume of the microphone and the volume of the headphone.

There’s also a micro USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the back, along with a stand on the bottom that can be folded in or out depending on the position you want.

You can also mount the microphone to a stand if you want to, but it does have rubber feet on the bottom of the stand, so it should be fine on any desk.

What makes the Raspberry particularly interesting is that it will work with both an iOS device or a desktop/notebook, and inside of the box Blue have even been nice enough to include both of the cables that you will need to do so, with a micro USB to Ligtning cable, and a micro USB to USB cable right inside the box, along with the Raspberry itself.


We tested the Blue Raspberry with both iOS devices and a MacBook during our couple of weeks with it.

Having a microphone that can provide you with this kind of flexibility is awesome, all you need to do is carry around the couple of cables and swap them over, according to the device that you want to record on.

As you can hear from the recording above, the Raspberry is certainly a fantastic improvement on the in-built microphone of the MacBook.

In the first half of the recording, you can hear that the MacBook has recorded something that sounds very empty, and as if it is recording a subject that seems to be very far away, despite that not being the case.

In the second half of the recording, you can hear how the Raspberry can improve upon this with a recording that feels a lot warmer, fuller and clearer.

I then went on to record a couple of other recordings from different distances away, which shows how far the Raspberry can improve the throw of your recording.

Combine this with the extreme portability of the Blue Raspberry and you have a very compelling solution to recording both on the go and at home.

All in all, the Blue Raspberry is a fantastic USB microphone. If you are looking for something to expand upon your current arsenal, be it for recording you next jam session or even just for making a Skype call, the Blue Raspberry is a very good microphone to think about.

You can pick up the Blue Raspberry USB Microphone from Amazon or Maplin from November 1, for £169.99.
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