Yesterday Blue unveiled their first pair of wireless headphones at CES 2017, called the Satellite, however, it seems that they weren’t done there as they also unveiled a couple of new headphones today, the Ella, their first planar magnetic headphones and Sadie, which is the next-generation version of their previous Blue Mo-Fi powered headphones.

Ella is probably the most interesting out of the two, using planar magnetic technology that pushes a thin diaphragm to generate the sound from the headphones, instead of moving voice coils and cones, like dynamic drivers would normally do.

Because of this technology, the Ella headphones are quite pricey at $699.99, they are their new top-of-the-line headphones, featuring square 50mm planar drivers that they say can provide high fidelity, with improved audio via their built-in 250W amp.

The Blue Ella will be available later this month.

Sadie is the second of the new headphones, which are pretty much the next-generation version of the original Blue Mo-Fi headphones, featuring a similar custom-tuned 50mm dynamic driver to the original headphones, which they say they have improved with improved sound.

Sadie will be released at some point in January for $399.99.

Both of the headphones also feature a redesigned headband system to reduce weight and bulk since the original Blue headphones, along with a four-point multi-jointed linkage for an improved fit.

Both keep that same retro-inspired design.

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