Today Blue unveiled a brand new and portable USB microphone, which they say can deliver professional studio-quality audio from anywhere, with your smartphone.

It is called the Blue Raspberry and Blue say that it would be perfect for anyone who is looking to create podcasts, on-location interviews, live streams, voice-overs, and much more.

John Maier, the CEO of Blue explained more:

“Raspberry is the ultimate microphone for modern creators looking to extend their recording capabilities beyond the desktop studio.”

“With our patented circuitry and internal acoustic design, Raspberry delivers the performance of a professional studio microphone—anywhere. People today are creating outside the box and outside the studio, and with Raspberry, they have a professional USB and Lightning mic that provides performance to match their ambitions.”

It features Blue’s patented microphone technology, with a versatile condenser capsule that has been tuned to sound better up close at a tabletop distance. it also uses their patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffuser and an integrated stand to minimise contact with the desktop and isolate the microphone from any vibrations.

More interestingly, it also works with both computers and smartphones.

There’s a USB cable for connecting it to a PC or Mac, and another Lightning cable for connecting to an iPhone or iPad.

The Blue Raspberry will be available from a number of retailers, including Amazon, Maplin, and more for from £169.99.

You can find out more about it at the source link below. We have also been given a sample of this new mic to test out, so far we have been hands-on with it for the last week or so, and we will have a full review for it within the next week.

Be sure to wait for that if you are interested.

Source: Blue

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