The Kiwi Factory has today launched what they call the “world’s first in-car smart mount for phones”. Dubbed the Bluejay, they say it is the next step in connected driving, helping the smartphone to become more integrated with the car.

Feb 23, 2016 18:14Made from CNC aluminum and carbon fiber, the Bluejay is basically a small diamond shaped mount that can be fitted to your car’s air vent, windshield or dashboard, from here it is able to connect to your smartphone and provide you with a range of different features via the companion app and a Bluetooth connection.

The app is compatible with all smartphone’s according to the project, and will open automatically when the driver’s phone is placed on the mount, after which the driver can swipe through the app to perform various functions like call and messaging shortcuts, access to various music apps and navigation controls all from one central place, without being distracting.

The mount also uses a magnet/ nano pad to securely hold the phone in place whilst driving and features a three-axis system.

The Bluejay is now looking for backing on Kickstarter, those who back it with $79 or more will get the version made with CNC aluminum and plastic, and those who back it with $99 or more will get the CNC aluminum and carbon fiber version.

You can find out more and back the project at the source link below, they are looking for $80,000 in funding.

Source: Bluejay

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