When you have a ton of electronics, consoles, and a couple of monitors, you often find that the back of your desk is often filled with a ton of tangled and messed up cables, something which is my personal pet hate.

BlueLounge have today revealed something that might help this situation, similar to the CableBin that they announced a couple of years ago, the CableBin has been designed to hide all of those messy cables in a single box, well we say box, it’s actually a bin.

Designed to fit in with the rest of your homes scenery, all you have to do is plug all of your devices into an extension lead and drop it in the bin, the CableBin will then allow you to securely attach and manage these cables in a manner that looks a better than a ton of trailing cables.

Available in both dark and light brown wood the bin is priced at $90 in the US.


Source Bluelounge

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