Today Blue Microphones announced the launch of another set of headphones to join their range.

Called the Satellite, they are the company’s first pair of wireless headphones and so they launched them with a bit of bang.

That’s thanks to the Satellite’s built-in “audiophile-grade” amplifier that can boost the volume that is pumped out by the connected 44mm drivers, but also ensure that the detail of the media played is the best that it can possibly be.

To top that off, the headphones also come with built-in active noise cancellation, which is separate from the drivers to ensure that sound is not affected, which they do with a second set of 30mm drivers.

To top that off, Satellite also comes with aptX Bluetooth with a total Bluetooth range of 10-metres.

Blue also claims that the inbuilt 1,100mAh battery will last 24 hours when connected over Bluetooth, or up to 8 hours when you turn the amp and ANC on.

However, if you run out of power, you can still listen to music by plugging in the included cable.

In this mode, you won’t be able to use the amp or ANC though.

We don’t know UK pricing or availability yet, however, we do know that it will launch in the US in black and white for $399.99.

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