Bluetooth has been upgrading to a new version that is faster, allows for better-connected devices and less battery use according to the Bluetooth SIG.

They have named this new version Bluetooth 5, which features double the speed, quadruple the range and an 800 percent higher data capacity over the previous version, this should all mean that it will have better outdoor performance, which is a huge advantage for IoT devices.

It would also be useful for indoor location tracking.

Bluetooth 5 is expected to features in a range of products later this year, with new smartphones, smartwatches, smart home equipment and more in early 2017.

Bluetooth SIG says that they are working with over 30,000 companies on the new technology, but nothing has been revealed in terms of products yet.

We do expect to hear more about it later this year, at which point we will let you know about all of the devices.

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