B&O Play has today announced their new BeoPlay A2 Active wireless speaker.

It is set to take over from the previous A2 wireless speaker, with a more rugged design that has been changed to make it better when protecting against dust or water damage.

It also comes with two new straps, which are available in a range of colours that will change depending on which speaker finish you grab.

So if you get the version of the A2 Active in natural, then it will come with natural and royal blue straps, but there’s also a stone grey finish that comes with stone grey and sandstone straps, however, you can also swap both of them out for a leather strap if you so choose to do so.

But the changes aren’t just cosmetic.

B&O have also removed the DC power input in favour of a USB Type-C port, allowing for faster charging times for the speaker’s reported 24-hour battery life.

Finally, the A2 Active will also come with support for B&O Play’s Beoplay app for iOS, Android, and the Apple Watch, allowing you to change the speakers sound settings from your speaker, and it will also offer 350-degree sound, with the ability to connect to up to 8 Bluetooth devices at the same time, as well as stereo pair them with another A2 or A2 Active.

The B&O Play Beoplay A2 Active is available now for £299.

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