Today B&O Play unveiled their latest flagship headphones.

Called the BeroPlay H9, they are a set of wireless on-ear headphones that will come with that sleek B&O design that you know them for, with black or argilla grey finishes, as well as a range of features to make sure that they sound great, while looking great.

The biggest feature in the headphones is the active noise cancellation, which uses a number of microphones that have been placed of the sides of both earcups to capture external noise, they then reverse this and send it back out, resulting in just the music being played through the speakers.

There’s also a pretty cool touch interface on the side of the right earcup which allows you to change tracks, adjust the volume, answer calls and turn the active noise cancellation on or off, it will also work with gloves.

Aside from that, the headphones are said to have a battery life that should last up to 14 hours of playback with noise cancellation turned on, or even more with it on after just 3 hours of charging. And once you do run out of juice, you can simply connect and audio cord to switch the headphones to a wired state.

The headphones also connect to a companion app for iOS, Android, and for the Apple Watch, allowing you to quickly switch between the  Commute, Clear, Workout and Podcast presets, monitor the battery, change the track, adjust the volume, manage the active noise cancellation and update the software in the headphones.

They are available now for £449.

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