The Boostcase Hybrid is a new charging case that brings the design back to the iPhone which changes the usual disadvantages of iPhone changes and makes them great to use once more.

The first is of course the bulkiness of the case, which as you may know with some of the other cases is that when you use them, fitting your iPhone in you pocket is quite a task in itself. With the Boostcase this is no longer a problem which they have solved by splitting the Hybrid case into two different cases.

The first half is a lightweight plastic protective case, which snugly snaps in place, once that’s attached to your iPhone you simply slide the charging part of the case into place and you have you’re full case.

If you haven’t guessed yet this brings huge advantages to your case swapping operations, as you no longer need to take a lightweight case and your charging case.

The great part is, the lightweight side of the case is extremely thin and of course lightweight only adding 14 grams to the total weight of your phone.

This part of the case has also been made from a type of plastic that feels soothing to hold and whilst you are doing so it actually feels like you are holding your iPhone 4 or 4S without a case on.

The lightweight part of the case also comes in various colours including red, blue, purple, gold, silver, pink and orange.

On the back of the first case, they have added a pear shaped cutout which shows the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone, proving your Apple heritage, but that isn’t just for design as its also how the external battery pack slides onto the case, which once attached will begin to charge your phone with its 1900mAH battery that comes in a choice of white or black and is still one of the thinnest battery packs I have seen on these type of cases.

But it’s not all about design, as the main part of this case is in fact it’s battery charging capabilities, which will allow you to continue making calls, checking your emails and playing your tunes on the underground, way after the in-built battery in your iPhone has died.

Overall I thought this case was actually amazing and probably one of the best cases I have ever used and hands down the best charging case I have had the pleasure to try out so far.

I really liked how this case can charge your case, giving it double the power but not losing the portability or beauty of the iPhone 4 and 4S.

A couple of things I did find is that firstly the case does take a long time to charge fully, but the amount of that battery that you can pump into your phone defiantly makes up for that.

I would have also liked to have seen a taller edge along the top of the case, to protect the glass on the top, an included screen protector would have been nice too, but you can pick them up basically anywhere so it’s not a huge problem.

However if you are on the lookout for a charging case for you iPhone you should most defiantly point your browser to MMD Distribution where you can pick up the case for around £65.

If you want to find out more you can also check out Boostcase’s own site here.

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