Boots have just announced the release of their new Christmas application that they think will help make your family Christmas that bit more memorable and a lot easier.

The app comes with a ton of features to do this, the first is their great search feature, this allows you to search their extensive Christmas list of products within three sets of variables, which you can choose between depending on the person your buying for.

You then simply select the product and continue onto the next feature which is the gift list, this allows you to match gifts to people already on your contact list, and then t will tell you the total cost at the bottom of the list including how much you have saving, you can then press the button below it and the app will take you to the browser where you can pay.

But that’s not the reason we are writing this article, as the interesting part comes with the Video Gift tag feature, that allows you to simply scan a QR Code on the tag which as available in various Boots stores and then record a video message to play to the recipient when they scan the QR code on their end.

Check out the video and source links below for more information

[jwplayer mediaid=”18604″]

Source iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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