[Update] Microsoft has just confirmed that they are indeed offering Borderlands: The Handsome Collection as part of a promotion, called Multiplayer All-Access,  it will allowing players to play the game for free this weekend, up to October 20th, 2016.

And it will be available for free to anyone who has an Xbox Live Gold subscription, or anyone who doesn’t.


[Original story] For some reason, Borderlands: The Handscome Collection is currently free to download for the Xbox One in Europe.

It has been available for a few hours now according to some posts, however, Microsoft has not officially announced any details about it being free. So we don’t really know why this is the case just yet.

It could be that it has been made part of the Free Play Days Xbox program, which allows players to access games for a period of time, after which they would have to buy the game in full. That said, nothing official has come from Microsoft as of yet, and it’s not currently free in the US version of the store.

That all said, you should definitely download it while you can, we will update you as soon as we find out more, but before then, you can grab your download at the source link below.

Source: Xbox

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