Gamers looking forward to the release of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel may be happy to now that there has been a new trailer released for it today, showing off new lunar gameplay and other features within the game.

2K Games explains some of this with the following description:

“The first of these characters is Athena, “the Gladiator”, a rogue assassin of the Atlas Corporation first introduced in the Borderlands DLC campaign The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Athena can use a temporary shield to absorb damage; this ability can be upgraded to make the shield itself into a weapon that can be thrown at enemies, and even allow it to absorb elemental damage which can in turn, be reflected back at enemies.”

“The Hyperion engineer Wilhelm, “the Enforcer”, can become increasingly augmented with technology and weaponry over the course of the game, transforming him into the more familiar cybernetic form he possessed as the first major boss in Borderlands 2.”

“While not detailed in initial demos, Lynchwood sheriff Nisha, “the Lawbringer” (also introduced in Borderlands 2), and Claptrap, “the Fragtrap” (the last remaining robot of its kind as of Borderlands 2) will also be playable characters.”

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel will officially launch later this year, to be published by 2K games on October 14th 2014 in the US and on October 17th 2014 internationally, at which point the game will be available for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

There’s no word yet whether the game will make its way to the next-generation consoles.

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