After Apples event yesterday, Bose has decided to announce the launch of its first AirPlay speaker, the Bose Sound Link Air which will allow you to stream music from any of your Apple devices with AirPlay enabled, including the iPhone (yes this will work with the 5), iPad or even iPod Touch over your Wi-Fi network.

As you may already know, Bose create some of the best sounded speakers on the market, and the SoundLink Air is no different,l with Bose acoustic waveguide technology and digital signal processing in-built for detailed, clear and natural sound.

The new AirPlay speakers will of course come with a remote control, and will also feature other wired connections for use with other devices, the SoundLink Air also includes a rechargeable battery that will allow you to take on the go with you.

The Bose SoundLink Air’s will set you back £299.95 and the battery can be bought separately fro £89.95, available in stores today.

Next up is Bose’s new Bluetooth speaker, the SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II, which is an upgrade for the previous model launched last year, and now includes better audio quality, due to the new neodymium transducers and an updated DSP alongside their dual-opposing passive radiators in-built.

As this device is Bluetooth these speakers are completely wireless and will work with any of your tech that has Bluetooth technology, the new Bose speaker also includes a cover which when closed will turn of the speakers, much like the iPad’s smart cover.

The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II is also available from Bose retailers today, and can be purchased in grey with a black trim for £249.99, or with a chrome trim for £299.99, there are also some optional accessories that can be purchased alongside the speakers, including a rechargeable battery for £89.95 and additional covers in various colors, the nylon cover is £24.95 and the leather is £44.95.

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