Shortly after the acquisition of Beats by Apple was first announced for the short sum of $3 billion, Bose announced that they had a small problem with the deal, breaking forth a new lawsuit between Beats Audio ad Bose.

At the time it wasn’t clear as to what Bose’s objectives for this lawsuit was, however the company did claim that the lawsuit was due to Beats allegedly infringing on their noise cancelling technology.

Now what makes this unclear is whether this was a valid claim, or if it was one to make a bit a quick cash.

Whatever the motive was for the lawsuit it seems to have all gone away now as the two companies have agreed to make a settlement, asking the U.S. ITC to terminate its investigation.

This comes after news broke that Apple will be looking to expand upon the Beats brand, and even getting ready to remove Bose’s products from their retail store, however as of yet this has yet to be confirmed.

As of yet we have yet to hear how Apple may expand upon the brand, however we expect that they will make some announcements for their plans soon enough.

Source: Bloomberg

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