Knowledge about electronics and software is becoming increasingly important as the years go by and so it is important to nurture those skills from a young age.

Thankfully, a number of products are being released to help you with that nurturing.

Today another one of those products was launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website, called the Boson, it was launched by DFRobot to produce a set of modular electronic building blocks that have been specifically designed for “young inventors, educators and tinkerers” according to the creator.

This will help children learn new skills but without the need for all that technical jargon, coding, or any soldering.

Each Boson module attaches via built-in magnets, screws, Velcro, and even to Lego blocks, to top that off, each can be fixed to a range of materials, including paper, wood, fabric, whiteboards and more, making the system extremely expandable.

Each Boson module can also be upgraded with the Intel Curie module, allowing it to take advantage of machine learning capabilities to expand its capabilities even further.

The project has also reached its goal of CA$ 50,000, however, if you are interested you can still find out more and back it for your own early-bird pre-order at the source link below.

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