Bowers & Wilkins have today announced the release of their latest dock for the iPhone 5, the Z2 which will include a lightning connector, allowing you to connect an iPhone 5 or the current iPod Touch/ Nano.

The device will also feature AirPlay technology, allowing you to stream music from any iOS device wirelessly, as well as B&W’s latest class D amplifiers, making it the first speaker to do so.

Alongside which it will also utilize their digital signal processing technology for a clear sound, as well as the company’s Flowport system for bass levels that distort the output, and to avoid any more sound deterioration  dimples have also been added to the rear port in order to reduce air turbulence.

On the top of the dock you will find capacitive controls for the volume, as well as an Ethernet and 3.5 AUX port round the back.

In terms of the actual speakers, you will get two 3.5 drivers.

The Z2 will be available from April in black, and in white from John Lewis and Apple from June, both priced at £329.99.

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