Bowers & Wilkins have today unveiled their new portable Bluetooth speaker named the Bowers & Wilkins T7.

According to B&W the speaker has been packed “every technological trick we know” with a number of features that might make it one of the best portable speakers around.

The first of those features is something B&W are calling the Micro Matrix, which is the honeycomb structure that you can see around the speaker, B&W say that this should brace the speaker and in turn reduce cabinet resonance for a more clean and precise sound.

Alongside this the T7 has two 2-inch (50mm) drivers that use a glass fibre driver diaphragm, those are then mixed with a high-output bass radiator that has been designed to provide “impressive bass, even at top volume, without adding resonance or rattle”.

Then Bowers & Wilkins also added a number of technologies to make the speaker perform even better, with digital signal processing to ensure could is controlled, as well as two filterless class D amplifiers for smooth and open high tones.

Inside the speaker there is also support for Bluetooth and aptX technology, allowing the speaker to receive music from a number of devices that also feature Bluetooth technology. There’s also a heavy-duty Lithium Ion rechargeable battery inside.

The Bowers & Wilkins T7 is now available for pre-order for the price of $350.

Source: B&W

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