Bowers & Wilkins has today announced a new revamped line-up for its 600 Series of speakers, with six new speakers in the total, consisting of the 683 and the 684 floorstanders, a bookshelf satellite, the 685 and the 686 which is a compact speaker.

There’s also a couple of centre speakers dubbed the HTM61 and the HTM62.

With the entire collection you can pick and choose your own combination in order to create your own Hi-Fi or home cinema system, or in one of two ready-prepared surround sound systems, and can even be matching with the current ASW610XP, ASW610 and the ASW608 subwoofer.

Bowers & Wilkins 600 series

The first is the 684 Theatre set, which includes two 684 floorstanders, a HTM62 centre speaker, two 686 rear speakers and a ASW610 sub.

The second is the 683 Theatre set (the better of the two), which includes two 683 floorstanders, a HTM61 centre speaker, two 686 rear speakers and the ASW610XP subwoofer.

In terms of improvements, B&W has included double dome tweeters across the range, with anti-resonance plugs for mid/ bass units, as well as B&W’s traditional Kevlar cones.

There’s also some new technologies developed just for this line-up with dual layer aluminium bass drivers and tweeter decoupling tech, that includes two separate aluminium domes.

All of the speakers in the new range will be available in black and white, with prices starting as low as £349 per pair of the 686 satellites, and as high as £1,149 for per pair of the 683 floorstanders, all of the range will be available in March.

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