After they successfully received funding on Kickstarter back in 2014, Bragi has this week launched their in-ear cordless headphones into production.

The company started taking pre-orders fo the earbuds this week, priced at just $119, rather than the original price tag of the Bragi Dash.

That said, the earbuds still come with some awesome features.

Called ‘The Headphone’, they have been designed to be the perfect solution to a live without wires, featuring a Bluetooth connection to wirelessly receive music from any Bluetooth compatible device.

Bragi explained more with the following:

The Headphone marks the next chapter in Bragi’s vision of a world without wires. It signifies the company’s mission to inspire the future of sound and how we, as humans, interact with it.

The Headphone can be connected to any Bluetooth device, including the much-anticipated, (hotly rumored to be) headphone-jack free iPhone 7. Users can switch between music tracks, take phone calls in challenging environments with Versant advanced voice technology, activate Audio Transparency and deliver voice commands, all without having to look at a screen.

You can also check out the video below and hit up the source link to find out more.

Source: Bragi

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