Today we heard news of the launch of a brand new network in the UK called SMARTY.

This new network has been launched as the  “simplest and most flexible mobile network around” according to its creators.

It does piggyback off of the Three 4G network and so it isn’t a completely new network, however, they hope to provide something different from the UK mobile networks like Three with a number of other features.

One of the most interesting of those features is the ability to roll-over any of your unused data at the end of the month in a similar way to Sky Mobile.

They will offer you refund on any of the data that you don’t use at that time, which will be auto-deducted from your plan in the month after.

To top that off, they have some pretty decent pricing, offering a blanket price of £1,25 per GB of data that you go over your allowance with, which is pretty awesome. They have three plans on offer, all of which offer unlimited texts and calls, however, each does provide a different level of included UK data.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Small – £7.50/month with 2GB of UK data
  • Medium – £10/month with 4GB of UK data
  • Large – £15 a month with 8GB of data

Sadly, they don’t have roaming available just yet.

That said, they are a pretty cool SIM-only network that might just be an interesting option for your next plan.

You can find out more about SMARTY at the source link below.

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