Some pretty cool news was announced by the National Grid this week.

Britain went an entire day without coal-generated electricity this week, marking the first time that the country has been without coal-generated power since the industrial revolution.

This is as according to the National Grid, who stated that they country instead used power produced from natural gas, nuclear, wind, biomass, solar, and imported power from other countries to power Britain for the entirety of April 21st.

This was broken out to 50.3 percent natural gas, 21.2 percent nuclear power, 12.2 percent wind power, 8.3 percent imports from other countries, 6.7 percent biomass power, and 3.6 percent solar power.

If you add that up you will get less than 100 percent, National Grid said that this is because of power exports to other countries and hydro production.

This is pretty big news for other power sources in the UK, as coal accounted for 22 percent of the UK’s power generation in 2015, getting it down to zero will help to reduce the country’s C02 emissions as well as boost possible development to other technologies, such as nuclear and renewable energies like wind and solar.

That said, Britain has been working towards this for some time now and has previously gone without coal-generated power for relatively long stretches previously, including for 19 hours in May 2016, however, this is the first full day in 135 years.

The hope is to continue this is the future with the Uk expecting to close the last of its remaining coal power plants by no later than 2025.

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