Making use of their recent acquisition of the smart home platform provider AlertMe, British Gas has today unveiled some new updated products for its Hive brand, with a new smart thermostat, an upgraded Hive app and a number of other smart home products that include lighting, plus, motion, door and window sensors.

The first of the new products is the new Hive Active Heating 2 thermostat, featuring a complete redesign that now includes an LED display that can show an on-screen guide and a new UI that allows you to do more on the actual device, meaning you no longer have to rely solely on the smartphone app.


app-module-holiday-modeHive Active Heating 2 is now available to buy for £249 including installation, however for a limited period existing Hive customers will be able to upgrade for £99, however they aren’t required to do so in order to access the new features.

These new features are mostly situated within the smartphone app which includes features like a heating boost for up to six hours, more heating and hot water scheduling and a holiday mode setting. The thermostat will also be available in a number of new colour options.

On top of this Hive will also receive a multi-zone update that will include support for new hardware that will allow for control of up to three heating zones.

On top of all this Hive also announced the pending launch of some new devices for controlling other areas of your home. Called Hive Active Plugs, they allow users to control electrical appliances via the Hive hub and apps. This is joined by Hive Active Lights, Hive Motion Sensors and Hive Window and Door Sensors, all of which will work with the app.

The new Hive will also support connected cameras, with support for third-party devices.

In particular the sensors will be able to notify you of any motion in your home remotely.

“We’re starting by adding our own products to the Honeycomb platform, as we open it up we’ll work with a number of trusted brands and partners too. Expect further announcements on this over the coming months,” says Kassir Hussain, Director of British Gas Connected Homes, in a statement.

“In addition to the beautifully redesigned Hive Active Heating™ thermostat and new range of app features, we’ve created a family of connected home products that are easy to use, accessible for everyone, and genuinely make life easier.”

“We’re the only U.K. provider to deliver the complete connected home end-to-end experience – from ownership of the platform to product creation, installation and on-going support. We’re excited to be expanding our portfolio and making the connected home at last a reality for everyone.”

We don’t know any launch date details or pricing for the products at the moment however, but we will let you know when we do. In the meantime you can find out more information about that new thermostat at the source link below.

Source: Hive

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