We have been talking a lot about smart home products recently with the release of our own smart home setup series.

One of the products that we are going to use for this smart home setup series is the BroadLink RM-Pro, which is a pretty awesome device that can control your dumb devices with your smart home tech over IR and RF signals.

At first look, it might look pretty simple to most people.

It is a simple triangular-shaped box that doesn’t look like much when it is just set on your side table, however, this little box can do a lot of stuff.

To start off you need to plug in the Broadlink to a wall socket or another USB power source, once you have done that the rest of the setup process is really easy.

Download the Leading Smart Life app on your iOS or Android smartphone (we don’t know why they called it that), sign up for an account and then go through the process of adding the RM Pro to your application, which consists of scanning the barcode of your RM Pro, adding your WiFi details and then letting the app configure the rest.

It really is that easy.

All you need to do after that is place the Broadlink RM Pro where you want it and somewhere where it can control all of your devices. I had it high up in the corner of the room so that it could do this easily.

Unfortunately, the unit can only connect to a 2.4GHz wireless network. We wouldn’t have used the 5GHz network anyway since I like to keep that de-congested, however, an ethernet port on the side definitely would have been nice.

The fantastic thing is that if you have any other Broadlink-branded devices then you can use this same app for all of those devices, which include their smart plugs, environment sensors, blind and shade controllers, alarm kits, and even gateways.

But we are only talking about one of those products today so let’s get back to that.

Once you have the Broadlink RM Pro setup, getting it to control your dumb devices in a smart manner is as easy as the setup process.

Click on the RM Pro from the main screen, tap the “add appliance” button, select the type of appliance that you want to control, which can include an air conditioner, television, set-top box, a lamp, curtain, or another remote that you need to configure yourself.

Once you have selected the device that you want to control, the LSL app will take you through the process of configuring the buttons from your remote with the Broadlink device, which consists of selecting the button that you want to add and then confirming if Broadlink actually managed to control your device with the button or not.

To do this, you press the button on your remote in front of the RM Pro and that will send the command to the device and then configure it with the app.

You can also program a combination button press or a scene which consists of a series of clicks on one remote or multiple, allowing you to easily turn on multiple devices or to setup your device exactly how you want it with one control.

You can also set it to turn on certain channels.

And the cool thing is that you can control this Broadlink device from multiple third-party devices, we used Broadlink in our Home Assistant install (which we talked about here), and you can also use it alongside Amazon Alexa devices like the Amazon Echo.

If you are looking to expand your smart home setup with more features in an easy and sleek manner.

You can pick it up from Amazon today for just £29 today.

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