Kickstarter has been the source of many great innovations before, projects like the Oculus Rift, Pebble and now Broken Age have changed the way we view products and services and redefined the stories we create with them, and that’s why projects like Broken Age become such an excitement for me.

Kicking things off with Act 1, Broken Age is a beautifully designed and impeccably written adventure game that is sure to communicate well with any nostalgic gamer, using a point and click control scheme, the game Borrows from Tim Schafer’s previous titles like Monkey Island and Day of the a Tentacle and bringing it into the modern era, Broken Age definitely joins the list of some of the finest made games in history. as well as living up to the anticipation that has been created for it since its launch on Kickstarter, and might even add more to it.

All in all I’m quite impressed with Broken Age, in fact I’ve already played it 3 times, and that’s because of many reasons that make Broken Age: Act 1 close to perfect.

Following the adventures of Shay and Vella, Broken Age’s two main character’s become investable right off the rip.

Broken Age Review 6Shay is a lonely cosmonaut who is quite possibly the last human alive, trapped on a ship for his own protection, with a robot and some knitted characters for company, and on the other side of the story is Vella, a young woman whose fate was to be a sacrifice for a beast called the Mog Chothra.

Of course it wouldn’t be an adventure game without a set of a set of puzzles, and thankfully Broken Age has many of them, using the same design as what Schafer used in previous titles, players must combine items, select between dialogue trees and explore various worlds in order to progress through the story, proving that you shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broke.

During these adventures you are greeted with an exceptionally written script that is constantly funny and serious at the same time, with exceptional storytelling, Broken Age is basically a four hour long adventure that leaves you both laughing and tearing up at multiple sections.

One of Broken Age’s biggest mechanics is the dual-character system, allowing the player to easily hop between Shay’s and Vella’s stories whenever they might find themselves stuck in one of the puzzles, helping to clear the mind without quitting the game.

I do think that this mechanic could be expanded in a way similar to how Day of the Tentacle used this kind of system, allowing players to exchange items between each over and effect the stories of one another by doing so, something that could be added when Act 2 of Broken Age is released later this year.

Broken Age Review 3The center point for the game is definitely it’s artwork, something that impresses you from the moment you load up the game, when you are treated with a set of beautiful graphics that are sure to leave you astounded, couple this with the games excellently produced music and you end up with an environment that brings the entire story to life, with great attention to both the colouring and animation of all of the characters and the entire games design.

On your way through the games adventure, you meet a wide selection characters (all be it mainly from Vella’s side if the story) that goes as high as to featuring Jack Black who plays the role of Harm’ny Lightbeard, the weird leader of a cult that seeks lightness.

Cities that float atop of clouds are mixed with a children’s playground environment, featuring scenes that make you rethink every game you have ever said looks great.

Overall I only had one main problem with Broken Age and that us the control system for the inventory menu, which doesn’t make selecting items an easy job, continually popping in and out of the item bar in order to find the item you need to complete a certain puzzle can too often take you out of the game, and the addition of a lack of name tags for the items makes it hard to tell what you are looking at.

Despite this I have still fallen in love with Broken Age, as I said at the start of this review, I have already played this game 3 times and I am sure that I will play it many more after that.

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