Everyone knows that one of the biggest and most likely features for the new iPad 3 is a retina display, which goes as far to the app developers who are already bringing high-resolution Retina display capabilities to their applications.

One of these developers is BSkyB who offer a massively popular Sky Go service for the iPhone and iPad, which allows subscribers to watch their TV programmes on the go, The director of Sky Sports Digital, David Gibbs gave TechRadar a statement practically confirming they where working on retina display support for iPad.

“Any improvements Apple can make to the experience of [the iPad] are always great,” he said.

“We don’t know about any specific improvements, but we are making preparations based on assumptions of new technology – that’s all we can do right now.”

“We’ve worked quite closely with Apple on our application because it’s so new; that’s why certain elements (such as split screen video feeds) aren’t ready yet as we’re pushing what the [iPad] can do.”

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