After unveiling Whole Home back in October, BT has launched their Whole Home system this week.

Called the BT Whole Home, it is a mesh WiFi system that comprises of three 165mm router discs.

Each of these discs can be placed around your home and provide you with a WiFi signal where you need it via the four built-in antennas.

BT hopes that this system will provide you with a router solution that eliminates WiFi dead spots and poor weak signal, no matter where you are using the internet in your home.

It does this by automatically determining the router disc that it thinks your device needs to connect to in order to get the best signal. It also works alongside a new companion app, which makes setting up the system easier, while providing easy-to-use controls.

From the app, you will also be able to see the status of your home network, the devices that are connected to it, and even control connections to pause access.

It’s a similar system as what is already available with various mesh router systems, such as the various Kickstarter projects that have been launched over time, Google Wi-Fi, and Sky Q, however, BT hopes that it will be a better option for you than all of those.

You can pick up the BT Whole Home WiFi system today for £299.99, which you can do at the source link below.

Source: BT

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