At the moment here the UK broadband isn’t that good, with a lot of companies advertising better speeds than what is actually possible, but BT has decided to change that by promising us Brits a massive 300Mbps broadband speeds to the entire UK population by 2015.

Currently, there are a lot of broadband providers trying to do exactly the same thing but haven’t got quite as far, with Virgin Media being the closest with their 100Mbps speeds, BT said they intend to install the cables directly into their customers homes, with Ashford, Bradwell Abbey, Highams Park South, St Austell and York to be the first towns to have access to the new FTTP broadband.

Currently the most you can get out of BT’s fibre-optic connection is between 40 and 80MBps, which will mean BT will have to jump some pretty big hoops in order to provide the full 300Mbps, currently BT uses ‘fiber to the cabinet’ technology which means they run fiber-optic cables at street level and then split the cables to your home via copper wire.

In order to achieve these speeds, BT will have to change all this by using some new technology, which will take the cable all the way to the telephone socket in your home, and according to BT will be capable of 1Gbps speeds. According to BT they will have this technology in 18 million homes by 2015, the Communications Minister, Ed Vaizey commented:

“These are significant announcements and good news for the UK.

“High-speed broadband is essential for economic growth, which is why we want the UK to have the best superfast broadband in Europe by 2015.”

This will be a huge leap forward for Britain bringing us into a new world of much faster broadband, personally, I cannot wait.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to 300Mbps broadband speeds?

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