Today BT Sport announced that they will be broadcasting some new eSports content in the UK, revealing that they will exclusively broadcast the Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series in the UK.

The Championship has been organized by EA themselves and is one of the world’s top Fifa eSports competitions.

It revolves around Fifa 17’s Fut Champions mode, in which players compete with the teams that they have put together themselves.

To begin with, BT will air the competition’s North American regional final which will take place in Vancouver on April 8th, after which it will air the Asia-Pacific section on April 22nd, the European regional final from Madrid on May 6th, and then the final Championship from Berlin on May 20th and 21st.

In the US, EA has set up similar coverage with ESPN to show the competition on ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPN Deportes.

It’s an interesting idea that shows how much broadcasters are putting into the future of eSports, betting on the popularity of the medium on services like Twitch and YouTube, however, the success of eSports on broadcast television has yet to be seen.

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