Today BT announced their plans to update their TV service for 2017, including a big change to the overall interface as well as the speed of the service.

Part of the update will be switching Flash videos to HTML5 as YouView (the platform that BT TV runs on) also makes the change. The changes won’t roll out until later on in 2017, but it will be updated automatically as long as your BT TV box is connected to your hub.

Before then you can check out the details of the update below.

With the update there will be a new BT Player section that will provide you with access to all of the TV shows that it thinks that you want to watch, while recommending other shows that it thinks you might like to watch based on your existing viewing habits.

Within this, there will be a Free to Me section that will show you all of the content that you can watch for free, based on your current BT TV subscription, but you will also be able to rent and purchase content from the BT TV Store if you so wish and then access it later in the My Zone section.

BT are also updating their TV app, allowing you to watch TV shows on the go, as well as set recordings from anywhere that has internet.

To top that off, BT also added the BoxNation channel to its lineup alongside 20 Fight Nights and the Ashes cricket, all of which will be accessible on BT Sport. And a lot of this will be shown in 4K Ultra HD, with BT stating that they will be doubling the amount of 4K content in 2017 compared to last year.

To access that content you will need the BT YouView+ 4K Ultra HD box, a compatible TV and be signed up to BT’s 4K subscription tier.

And that’s still not all, BT are also added support for Dolby Atmos with the BT TV update, making them the first broadcaster to do so in the UK. That said, you will need compatible equipment to take advantage of that.

As we mentioned earlier, the new BT TV update will be rolled out to your box as long as it is connected to the internet later this year. BT has said that it will be announcing more details about it when they are ready to go live.


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