Today BT announced the launch of a new Family SIM plan, which will allow you and up to four of your family members to get a SIM card for smartphones or tablets and save money.

BT says that this plan can save families up to £372 a year.

So how does it do that? Well basically the plan puts all of the SIMs under on contract but allows you to manage individual allowances for the members on those plans.

There will be two tariffs available, one with 2GB of data, 500 minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited BT WiFi access, and another with 15GB of data, unlimited minutes, texts, and BT WiFi.

Five SIM cards on the first plan would cost you £36 a month, or five SIMs with the second plan would cost you £69 a month.

Unfortunately, you can’t mix and match tariffs across SIM cards.

The first SIM on either plan has to be on a 12-month contract, but each additional SIM card after that will be placed on a 30-day rolling contract, meaning you can add or remove users as you need to.

You can also combine the Family SIM plan with handsets.

You can find out more about it now and even sign up for a SIM-only deal, or with a phone included at the source link below.

Source: BT

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