BT has today announced a new speed upgrade for its Infinity fibre service, upgrading new and existing subscribers to speeds of up to 52Mbps.

This is a 32 percent speed increase from the previous 38Mbps speeds.

BT says that this is faster than similar packages from Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin, however, because Sky and TalkTalk share the same network as BT (Openreach), it’s likely that they will soon follow suit.

That said, in order to get these new speeds, you need to already have the max speed available, if you don’t then you are unlikely to see any change from the upgrade.

But these speeds are on offer from just £10 a month for the first 12 months with a 25GB cap, or £12.50 for an unlimited service.

That said, you will also need to pay for the monthly line rental charge, which will be £18 a month. There’s also a £49 one-off activation fee.

Existing customers can upgrade to the new service at no extra cost, but they will have to sign a new contract.

You can find out more about BT Infinity 1 on BT’s website.

Source: BT

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