Today BT revealed the launch of a brand new BT Smart Hub router, which they will be replacing the previous BT Home Hub 5 with.

It will be launched this summer and will provide a number of features that will enhance your wireless networking system, with dual-band technology and a total of seven antennas inside.

The BT Smart Hub will be available either by signing a new contract with BT or by upgrading your current hub for the cost of £50.

BT says that this is extremely cheap, as normally the retail price for the router will be £130.

They explained more with the following:

The new BT Smart Hub uses the latest technology to help you enjoy wi-fi in more places in your home. The dual-band Smart Hub has seven antennas that give a bigger wireless range – more than any router from a major UK broadband provider. The latest AC wi-fi technology means you can use more than one device – be it a phone, laptop or tablet – on a fast connection simultaneously. Advanced filters block interference to help you get a more reliable signal with fewer dropouts, while BT Smart Scan technology works in the background, choosing the channel with the least congestion for the best wi-fi performance.

You can find out more about the new hub at the source lin

Source: BT

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