Sony been on a bit of a price cut spree today, announcing earlier that they are going to cut the price of the PS3, and have now announced that they will also release a new, low-cost PlayStation Portable in Europe next year, the new PSP E-1000 will have no inbuilt Wi-Fi or 3G but is worth it for the tiny cost of €99, or around £86, but Sony is yet to confirm a UK price tag.

The announcement was made during Sony’s Gamescom Keynote, where they also released a major PS3 price cut, the PSP itself will come with a matte finish like the PS3, and will be able to download games through te Media Go PC software, alongside the PSP price cut, Sony have also cut various UMD games to a tiny €9.99, again UK price unconfirmed.

Those titles will include FIFA 12, Invizimals: The Lost Tribe, EyePet Adventures, plus many more, according to the official PlayStation Europe blog.

I reckon this could be the portable console that steals the Vita’s limelight, becoming a heavily popular portable console, Sony has defiantly pulled the cat out of the bag this time, and personally, I cannot wait to get one.

What do you think? Which will you get the Vita or the E-1000? DO you really need Wi-Fi or 3G in a portable console?

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