Storage is a huge problem with any device you buy today, with available space decreasing and with more applications, games and music to load into it, storing your documents, music and videos can sometimes be a little tricky.

And that’s where a NAS storage drive comes into play, allowing you to store all of your data in a remote location, without the need to expand the memory on your storage lacking device.

To try one of these out, Buffalo Technology kindly sent us their latest NAS drive, the LinkStation 410, which is part of their latest 400 series, packing a 2TB, 3TB or a 4TB hard drive, we took  a look at the 2TB version of the desktop based hard drive.


When choosing a desktop hard drive, design isn’t necessarily important, however Buffalo have still thought about it, the 410 is basically a black plastic shell, that’s extremely minimalistic, fitting into any workstation well.

The front of the device only features a couple of lights, one for the power and another for drive activity, and its a similar situation on the back, with only a few ports to try to figure out, first setup is easy, simply plug-in the power and the Ethernet cable, flick on the switch and your ready to load up the CD.


After which however, the setup for the 410 doesn’t really stay the same, and I actually found various features of the drive, extremely complicated to figure out, with not much luck in finding help within the setup booklet.

Alongside this, although Buffalo say the software to set up the drive is available on the net, it actually isn’t, which means with a lot of devices, even loading up the software is a difficult process.

However this difficulty can be forgiven due to the sheer amount of features this drive includes.

linkstation 410

One of my most favorite features in this drive, is defiantly the added ability to set up your own personal cloud storage space, allowing you to access folders that have been setup to work with the WebAccess service from anywhere in the world.

This is a great feature as it means the space on your device’s hard drive can be can be saved, allowing you to keep all the stuff you actually need and save a few pounds not buying one of the versions with a larger battery.

This is supported on any desktop, notebook or even your Apple/ Android device with a free app available on both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

linkstation 410 services

And with DLNA technology, you can even setup a specific folder containing your music/ video collection and stream it to any DLNA compatible device, such as a smartphone, TV, computer or even a console, and to link with that, and you can even setup that same folder to be used as an iTunes Shared Library, this means you can access all of your music from the iTunes application as long as you are on the same network.

And there’s still more features to talk about, as the 410 also includes functionality to download torrents via BitTorrent, meaning you never have to leave your computer turned on all night to download a torrent again.

Simply load in a torrent file, click to download add the 410 will start downloading the file right away, saving it within your chosen folder within the drive.

linkstation 410 bittorrent

Overall I really enjoyed the time I spent with the LinkStation 410, despite various setup problems, the 410 packs a ton of features not many other hard drives include, and with that personal cloud storage service, you never need to remember a USB flash drive or even a portable hard drive again.

And with the addition of applications for both Android and iOS devices, you can stream all of your content wherever you have a connection, I imagine this would be great for those holiday situations, with nothing good on TV, or even programmes that you can understand, a good film sent over the internet is a great idea, especially when some streaming services cannot be accessed in certain territories.

During our tests we found the drive worked extremely well,transfers to and from the hard drive finish in a matter of minutes, and HD streaming works without a hitch on devices like the iPhone or the iPad.

For the 410 prices start at £179.99 for the 2TB version, £199.99 for the 3TB drive or £299.99 for the 4TB hard drive, which may seem quite expensive, however its defiantly worth the cost.

If you want to find out more about the drive, or even pick one up for yourself, you can find more information on Buffalo’s website.

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