Recently Buffalo Technology announced an update to its wireless router range, revealing new version of its AirStation range that includes the AirStation Wireless N300 Router; the Wireless N600 Dual Band Router, the Wireless N300 USB Dual Band Adaptor, as well as the Wireless AC866/N300 and the Wireless AC1300/N450 Gigabit Dual Band Routers.

However today we are looking further into the AirStation Wireless N600 Dual Band router, which is aimed further towards the high-end market, ready to provide affordable yet powerful wireless connectivity.

Featuring a black and grey design with a hint of red on the AOSS button, the N600 router looks great on the desk, featuring 5 sets of lights, the front of the router will display data about your connection as well as reporting any issues with it.

buffalo technology n600-4

On the top of the back there’s a switch that will allow the user to set the router between an auto, router and bridge mode, under which are 4 LAN ports that can be used to connect devices to 4 separate devices that cannot connect to the internet wirelessly, or if you just prefer a wired connection, on the bottom of the back there’s also the main internet connection, reset button and the plug for the power.

The router can be used to connect to any wired or wireless connection including a gaming console, TV, laptop, computer, smartphone or a tablet.

buffalo technology n600-3

In terms of specs the router can output 802.11n/a/g/b internet wirelessly over two separate connections the first is a 300Mbps 2.4GHz connection and the second is a 600Mbps 5GHz connection, either of which can be used simultaneously with any compatible device.

All of these connections are also secured  with either AES or WEP technology, there’s also DSSS, OFDM and MIMO technology built into the router, there’s also support for AOSS.

Setup is extremely easy on the N600 router from Buffalo Technology, pop it out the box, plug-in the power, drop in the internet connection, type in the included password for the connection and hit up the setup page using your internet browser.

buffalo technology n600-5

Once you get to the setup page, the N600 will auto-detect what your internet connection is, and try to set up the connection for you without doing anything at all, however there are a selection of other settings to change to your specific needs.

All in all the AirStation N600 Dual Band Router is great option to choose from, ready for all of the devices you may own, it  will allow you to connect a variant of devices securely and all at the same time, be them wireless or wired based connections.

During our tests we found that the N600 performed well in mostly all conditions, with HD streaming, playing online games and browsing the web being an easy and quick operation, it’s perfect for the average user, however anyone that may want to do more advanced stuff may want a more powerful device.

You can find out more about the N600 and the rest of the AirStation devices on Buffalo’s website.

Disclosure: Buffalo Technology sent us this router for review purposes.

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