Buffalo Technology has today announced the extension of the LinkStation 400 family, with a new range of consumer NAS storage devices, that offer more storage and enhanced processor power, with data transfer speeds up to 100MB/s.

These new devices include the the LinkStation 410 and the new Enclosure LinkStation 421DE device, that can be used to store and share data between a range of devices across a home network.

Alongside which, Buffalo have also added a new user-friendly interface that’s makes setting up these devices a breeze, in fact with wizards it will do most of the work for you.

Alongside which, the new series will also feature remote access, allow users to access files and data from anywhere in the world, via their smartphone, tablet or even PC, using the Buffalo WebAccess app, and to top it off, all of these devices also include a free personal cloud account for each user.

Alongside all of this, Buffalo have also unveiled its first ever Enclosure product with the LinkStation 400 family, the new LS421DE devices will feature a 1.2GHz ARMv7 CPU, 512 DDR3 RAM and new RAID 0 or RAID 1 configurations.

Here’s all the price points for the series

LinkStation 410 2TB High Speed NAS 1x 2TB HDD 1x Gigabit - £179.99
LinkStation 410 3TB High Speed NAS 1x 3TB HDD 1x Gigabit - £199.99
LinkStation 410 4TB High Speed NAS 1x 4TB HDD 1x Gigabit - £299.99

LinkStation 420 NAS 2TB High Speed NAS 2x 1TB HDD 1x Gigabit RAID 0/1 - £279.99
LinkStation 420 NAS 4TB High Speed NAS 2x 2TB HDD 1x Gigabit RAID 0/1 - £349.99
LinkStation 420 NAS 6TB High Speed NAS 2x 3TB HDD 1x Gigabit RAID 0/1 - £409.99
LinkStation 420 NAS 8TB High Speed NAS 2x 4TB HDD 1x Gigabit RAID 0/1 - £559.99

LinkStation 421E  Hi speed CPU - 2 bays - USB3.0/USB2.0 - 0TB - £199.99 (Enclosure)

For more information head on over to Buffalo’s website, also check out the gallery below for a sneak peek at what they look like.

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