Recently Buffalo Technology announced some new additions to their LinkStation range,dubbed the 400 series, these comprise of various NAS storage drives for the home or the small office.

We have already reviewed the 410 from this range (you can find that here), but Buffalo Technology were kind enough to send over yet another product from the range, the LinkStation 421DE 2-bay network storage diskless enclosure.

buffalo 421e 3

As you might expect from the name, you don’t get any drives with this enclosure, so in order to use the 421DE you will need to pick up a couple of your own, however once you have done so, the 421DE is more or less ready to go, just plug it in the mains, pop in an Ethernet jack and run the setup disk.

Click through the surprisingly short installation, and you will find yourself at the 421DE dashboard, a page that can be accessed through your web browser, this is where every setting and feature can be accessed on the drive, and all of which can be accessed from both PCs and Macs.

As we said in our 410 review, we love how much these drives can do, and by allowing you to access all off your data from anywhere in the wold that has an internet connection, these drives allow the user to cut  out the cloud storage companies that provide tiny storage spaces for huge prices, and start running their own cloud storage.

And with up to 8TB of storage expandability, it will certainly be one hell of a storage center.

buffalo 421e 4

Equipped with a 1.6GHz processor and running on DDR3 RAM, the 421DE not only allows you to store your data, it allows you to do it in a much shorter time than many other drives or drive enclosures on the market today.

And that’s not all, as the 421DE has another couple of tricks up its sleeve, with not one but two USB ports, you can plug-in either a USB 2.0 or a USB 3.0 device and start sharing that over the internet too, allowing for super scalability.

And that’s not all, we haven’t even got to some of this drives features yet!

buffalo 421e 5

One of the biggest features included with the 421DE, at least in my opinion, is defiantly the ability to stream movies, music and shows to various devices over the air, no need to plug-in a drive, sync the two with buttons, or even complete some horrible set-up.

The 421DE will allow you to content it to any other device on your network, so setup is as simple as clicking on the drive within your networks tab, iTunes library, or even on your TV.

And with Buffalo’s iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android applications, you can even stream this content when you’re not at home, simply log-in to the buffalo account you set-up on the 421DE’s dashboard and your good to go, and this will even work through a website, so you can securely access your data even if you’re on the other side of the world.

buffalo 421e 2

At around $170 in the US and £150 in the UK, the LinkStation 421DE may not seem exactly cheap, but if you think about the about the alternative cloud storage subscription service, you soon find out just how cheap it could work out.

Check out this table for a quick look at what some of the online cloud storage providers are currently offering you their services for.

[ws_table id=”15″]

I think you get the point.

You can find out more about the Buffalo LinkStation 421DE here.

Disclosure: Buffalo Technology sent us this product for review purposes.

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