Buffalo Technology has today announced their latest products to be added to their AirStation line of wireless accessories, which includes the AirStation Wireless N300 Router; the Wireless N600 Dual Band Router, the Wireless N300 USB Dual Band Adaptor, as well as the Wireless AC866/N300 and the Wireless AC1300/N450 Gigabit Dual Band Routers

The AirStation Wireless N300 router is the first of the bunch, offering 802.11gn speeds and HighPower Wi-Fi for connecting multiple devices easily and securely. The router can also be used as a WDS extender, for those who need a little more coverage their larger home or out to their garden.

Then there’s the AirStation N600 Dual Band router, which can operate at both the 2.4GHz band and the 5.0GHz band, allowing users to connect to multiple devices with the fastest connection available.

Then there’s the AirStation Wireless AC866/ N300 and Wireless AC1300/N450 Gigabit Dual Band routers which are capable of delivering transfer speeds of over 700Mbps. These are also 3-in-1 devices, so they can be used as either a dual-band Wi-Fi router, bridge or even a network extender, allowing for high performance on various connected devices.

Last on the list is the AirStation WIreless N300 Dual Band USB 2.0 adapter, which supports both AOSS and WPS, allowing you to connect devices without the wireless capabilities, and offering both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz network connections.

There’s no news yet on any of the products availability or price.

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