Earlier today Bungie hosted their gameplay premiere event for Destiny 2, showcasing their upcoming sequel to their game Destiny ahead of its official release and providing us with some gameplay to check out at the same time.

This new trailer was released during their stream earlier today and shows off what we can expect from the game when it launches on September 8th.

But before they released the gameplay, they had a sneak peak trailer to release.

The event went straight into that trailer, bringing us into to some scenes of Zavala explaining the purpose of a guardian while fighting off the Fallen and making his way to the city, providing us with a closer look into the character of Zavala, more than we have seen before, including the building of The City and The Tower.

The trailer then goes on to show us the current events of Destiny 2, with fighting across the city.

And Bungie wasn’t done there, they had one more trailer to release, containing more explanation about what has happened between the original Destiny and the Destiny 2 game, including that gameplay that we have been waiting for, which super sleek, possibly sleekier than the original Destiny game, if that’s possible.

As Luke Smith said at the event, “Destiny 2 is going to be a new beginning for everyone”, bringing with it new enemies to fight, new characters to meet, and new places to play on with the entrance of PC compatibility.

We see some of that in the new gameplay trailer, including a new UI, a range of new weapons, and what looks to be some new supers, we even get to go behind that door behind the Speaker finally!

Too bad that it’s all being blown up.

It’s a pretty extensive trailer with a lot of information in it so we would encourage you to check it out via the embed above.

And that’s even all of it, Luke Smith went on to explain some other big changes to the game during the event, including moving all game modes in the Crucible to 4v4 game modes, as well as the addition of new strikes, some new public events, and a brand new raid, with new solo gameplay opportunities on top of all of that, including new ways for them to play trials and the raids.

However, you will have to build up to all of this from scratch. They showed this off in yet another trailer, which you can check out below.

Yes, there are even more trailers…

They then went on to state what’s coming, including a brand new storyline that will include more cinematics than before, with a range of brand new missions and brand new strikes, including one that they revealed as the inverted spire.

There’s also new patrols in exploring, with way more to explore as well as the ability to launch activities in those worlds, without having to go to orbit. To top that off, there will be treasure maps to discover, and ‘lost sectors’ to discover in new adventures that will each come with their own new rewards.

And there’s a brand new map to guide you along the way along all of this, with details about when and where these activities will happen.

Also, there are some brand new worlds in Destiny 2, including Titan, Io, Nessus, and Earth, which Bungie had another trailer for.

“And then there’s the crucible”, in Destiny 2, this will still go on, but with 4v4 across all of the game modes, along with a brand new hud that provides player information such as super availability. And there’s also new maps and modes on top, one of which is called ‘Countdown’, which is an attack/defence game mode.

And there’s a brand new raid, which they didn’t reveal much about, obviously.

But it isn’t just gameplay, Bungie also revealed some new social features during the event, with the addition of a new clan feature in-game that will take the feature from the web version that they have had for some time now.

There will be in-game rosters, custom banners, and new ways to build clans in-game, and there will also be a new reward system that will share rewards with your clan.

But Bungie is also focusing on solo play for Destiny 2, with the addition of a new feature called ‘Guided Games’, which will join solo players with clans for a session of the raid. To top that off, during a raid you will also be able to open up your game to allow new players to join while you are in a session.

And so came another trailer:

And apparently, we didn’t even have the official gameplay trailer yet…

To top that off, the Activision CEO came on stage to announce that Destiny 2 will be getting a beta to give us a look at the game on screen, with a beta set to come “this summer”.

To top that off, they revealed some more details by bringing Blizzard on.

With this, they announced that Destiny 2 will be available on the PC exclusively via their Battle.net software.

And that was all they had. Destiny 2 will be released for the Xbox, PlayStation, and for the PC on September 8th.


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