During their stream of The Court of Oryx today Bungie unveiled a ton of new details about The Taken King, not only taking a look at the new mechanics of The Court of Oyrx public event that will be included in the DLC, but also providing new details and looks at some of the DLC’s gear and even the raid.

Close to the end of the stream Bungie shown off a new trailer as a surprise for its live stream viewers.

This was supposed to be something just for the stream, and as such they have not released it on their YouTube channel (we don’t know if they will at a later stage), however PlanetDestiny has but a version of their channel.

Check it out below.

Bungie also announced details that everyone has been waiting for, the King’s Fall raid for The Taken King will be released 3 days after The Taken King DLC will be available on September 18th, this means that you will have to wait until you can complete the raid, however with a new level, and a lot more gear to grab, you’ll be thankful for those three days.

If you didn’t catch the stream live, you can watch it back on Bungie’s Twitch channel.

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