This is the best response to a question ever, Bungie have today offered to replace the defective Halo 4 disc of a complaint, even though the game has not in fact been developed by Bungie themselves.

In a letter to Bungie’s customer complaints department, the gamer named “Timothy” wrote about how his Halo 4 disc was faulty, but as it was in fact a gift he could not return it with no knowledge of where it was purchased from or an actual receipt, after proving it was the game itself by conducting various disc checks with other titles, Timothy decided to contact Bungie about the problem.

However Bungie are not actually responsible for Halo 4, as the studio that created it now goes by the name of 343 Industries, and was taken over shortly after Bungie decided to cut ties with the Halo series and Microsoft.

However the company will still be sending Timothy a copy of the game from its own gaming library.

Simply epic.

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