A few days ago Bungie released a brand new trailer for the upcoming DLC for Destiny called The Dark Below.

Now Bungie have taken the reveal a little further ahead of the DLCs release on December 9th showing off some more information in a brand new trailer. Released today the trailer shows the views of Bungie’s development team, and provides a new look at some of the DLC’s new armour, weapons, Crucible maps, story missions and the new 6 player raid.

Here’s the full description of the DLC from Bungie:

“Explore what waits in The Dark Below. Expand your Destiny adventure with a wealth new weapons, armor, and gear earned in new story quests and missions. Throw down in three new competitive multiplayer arenas. Form a Fireteam and take on new cooperative challenges, including a brand new six-player Raid.”

You can check out the trailer below for a quick look, or head over to the source link below for some more information on the DLC.

Source: Bungie

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