The Taken King is the upcoming expansion for Bungie’s Destiny, set to be released in September it will come packed with new Crucible maps, Crucible modes, a new raid, new strikes, new story missions, new weapons and armour and even new sub-classes.

This was all revealed some time ago, however they did keep one thing secret about the upcoming DLC, and that is that there is also bonuses for those who pre-order the DLC.

Suros Arsenal Pack

The first of which was announced on Bungie’s website today, called the Suros Arsenal Pack it includes five new items, three are new weapons that include a pulse rifle, an auto rifle and a scout rifle. There’s also a shader and an emblem included in the pack.

The weapons in the pack are part of the new Suros line that comes alongside two other brands, Hakke and Omolon both of which have unique characteristics and perks.

Vanguard weapons pack

If you pre-order the DLC you will not only get the Suros Arsenal Pack, but also the Vanguard Weapons Pack.

This pack includes an auto rifle, a pulse rifle and a sidearm all with their own Vanguard theme.

Both of these packs are exclusive to anyone who pre-orders The Taken King up to January 1st, 2016, after which time both packs will become available for anyone who plays the DLC.

Founder's Fortune Pack

Those who have played both Destiny expansions, and reached level 30 on one character will also get the Founder’s Fortune Pack, which includes a shader, a Sparrow vehicle and an emblem.

There are a number of versions of The Taken King that you can pre-order now there’s the normal digital download version that is priced at £40/ $40 and just includes the expansion. Then there’s the Legendary Edition that is priced at £60/ $60 that includes the base Destiny game, The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King and is available both on disk and as a digital download.

Collector's Edition Extras

There’s then two Collector’s Editions, one is the digital version and the other is the physical version, both are priced at £75/ $80, but include different features. The Digital version includes the edition exclusives which consists of three class-specific emotes, three class items, the base game, the first two expansions and The Taken King.

The physical edition of the collector’s edition which includes the same as the digital edition but also the following:

  • Steelbook case.
  • Modified Treasure Island book with notes and illustrations from Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard in the game.
  • Cayde-6’s personal notes and illustrations.
  • Collection of pictures and cards.
  • Strange Coin replica.

Bungie also recently revealed that players who purchased one of the other two packs will be able to get the collector’s edition extras without having to purchase the game again, available for an extra $20 (it isn’t available to buy yet so there’s no UK price), it will include the same three shades, class-specific emotes and class items as the Collector’s Editions.

Destiny: The Taken King will launch on September 15th, 2015.

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