The gaming world can be a pretty secretive place at times, with information only released occasionally. Today is one of those days as a sealed court document which has now been obtained by the Los Angeles Times sheds some new light on a contract Bungie signed with Activision back in 2010.

The contract shows details on a new project code-named “destiny,” which is according to the contract is a set of four “sci-fantasy, action shooter games,” to be starting next fall.

Alongside Destiny, there is more details on a set of four expansion packs which also have their own code name as “Comet,” to be released every other year starting fall 2014.

Alongside that there’re even more details on the first “Destiny” game which will be released first on the Xbox 360 as well as Microsoft’s next-gen console, after which the next three games will be released on both Sony’s and Microsoft’s Console as well as the PC.

And that’s still not it with even more details on a potential Marathon game.

To get more details as well of the full 27-page contract click on the source link.

Via [L.A. Times]

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