Burger King was recently forced to close its Twitter account after prankster hacked it earlier today, claiming that the company had been sold to the rival fast food restaurant  McDonalds.

The hackers changed the accounts profile picture to the McDonalds’ logo, cover photo to one of their latest meal, and their account name to the McDonalds.

They also took to the biography page writing, “Just got sold to McDonalds after the whopper flopped” changing the location to “in a hood near you.”

It’s not all bad news for Burger King however, as ironically the account received quite a hefty amount of followers shortly after the hack, rising from around 83,000 followers to 108,000.

The account has now been listed as suspended, probably whilst the company tries to both undo the damage and find who caused it, however the hacking collective, Anonymous have as always claimed responsibility for the attack, using the hashtag #OpMadCow, but if I’m honest that’s starting to bore me lately, and I would take no notice of those claims.


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