Recently a new project was launched on Kickstarter called BuzzBox.

It is a hardware and smartphone app combination that allows you to monitor the health of a bee hive for precision and advanced beekeeping that allows you to check up on your colony in realtime.

The hardware connects to an application on your iOS or Android smartphone, from where you can track your bees from your smartphone and check a range of stats such as weather conditions, humidity, temperature, and the audio conditions. You can also receive notifications about all of that alongside security alerts should BuzzBoz detect theft or invasion.

We’ve developed the BuzzBox, hardware and smartphone app, as an open platform for monitoring beehives. We’re giving you tools for precision beekeeping, but we’ve also developed some powerful instruments for scientific research in the form of our hive health monitor, all of which transmits over a Wi-Fi connection.

And it will also be open source and so those features may expand even further in the future.

Check out the video below for a quick look and be sure to hit up the source link below that to find out more and to back the project if you are interested.

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