We have all had that same problem, the iPhone cable is just a little too small to be used in day-to-day life, that situation when in bed watching a movie and you end up tugging on the cable just to get that little extra length can be avoided with Cablejive’s new dockXtender.

The dockXtender does what it says in the name, and by utilizing a 30-pin male and female connectors it allows for charging and easy docking of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, whilst in the case without the need to sit right next to the plug socket in your home.

You can use the cable with your basic iPhone charger, or you can use it to easily use your dock at home without having to take of your case, or as Neil mentioned in his video, try to control your iPhone whilst its rumbling around in the dock.

The great thing is that this is available in two different sizes so you can choose the one for your own personal needs, the first is the two foot cable (the one we reviewed), and costs around $25, you can also if you prefer grab the 6 foot cable which would add a bit more length (obviously) for $31, which is a steal.

This cable is simply amazing, made with a thick rubber coating, the cable looks really durable unlike the Apple cable which we all know decays after about a month of solid use, Cablejive have also though out how the manufacture this cable better than anyone else by adding a 2-tier shielding system, which separates the video and audio signals in order to reduce any interference from the other signals traveling through the wire.

Check out Neil’s video review below, and make sure to head on over to Cablejive’s site for your own dockXtender or any of their other products.

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