CableJive are the people responsible for creating the brilliant, DockXtender cable (check out the review for that here), and now they are releasing their new ProJive XLR cable for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.
 The cable will connect to your iDevice or Mac laptop and allow you to record high quality audio from an XLR microphone to your device, which can be used to record audio whilst on the move.
On one end of the cable is the XLR plug which can be used to fit a microphone, the other end of the cable is a 1/8 inch audio plug that inserts into your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac laptop, and fire up a recording program like VoiceMemo or Garageband.
The ProJive XLR is $28.95 from the CableJive store and can be purchased from today, if your unsure however we will have a review pretty soon, so look out for that.
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CableJive Announces ProJive XLR

CableJive Announces ProJive XLR: XLR Adapter Cable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

Malden, MA – July 31, 2012 – Today CableJive LLC announces ProJive XLR, a premium quality recording adapter cable for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. ProJive XLR lets users record high quality, balanced audio from a XLR microphone on an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac laptop. Perfect for home studio or on-the-go recording applications, ProJive XLR is a must-have for any audio professional.

On one end the ProJive XLR has an durable XLR plug to attach to a balanced microphone. On the other end is a 1/8″ audio plug that inserts into an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac laptop, as well as a 1/8″ audio jack for monitor output. Plug the XLR connector into your microphone, the 1/8″ plug into your device or laptop, fire up your favorite recording program (VoiceMemo, GarageBand, etc) and capture high quality audio.

ProJive XLR is available now at the CableJive web store:


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