Some new news has today been revealed about a solar plant that was opened in California last week, using a bunch of mirrors to focus sunlight onto a tower to will heat up to about 1000F and turn the water inside of it into superheated steam, which will then turn a generator and then finally create free solar energy, but without using traditional solar panel methods.

It’s project that cost £2.2 billion, and will most definitely cost a lot more in the coming future, mostly to the wildlife around the area, which has today been revealed to be hazardous to birds that fly around the area, with dozens of birds fried by the towers intense heat during the course of their testing.

Creating temperatures up to 1000F, the birds don’t have a chance, many of which have singed or scorched feathers.

Authorities overseeing the plant are conducting a study into the effects of this intense heats, and trying to find new ways in which they can prevent further problems.

“With the data we’ve gathered, it’s far too early in the process to draw any definitive conclusions about long-term impacts on avian or other species,” said Jeff Holland, a spokesman for NRG, the project’s operator, which is based in Princeton, N.J.


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